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The Most Horriblest Day December 22, 2006

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Last Furriday, I thought my world had come to an end.  My mama walked away from me and didn’t come back for a long time. 

 She took me to this place that smelled like a v-e-t-s office.  But I didn’t get poked in the bum.  They put me with a bunch of other dogs!  I had to spend the night three times all by myself without my mama or kitties.  There was barking dogs all over the place.  They didn’t shut up for nothing, neither.  Okay, I did bark a little myself but not like a bad dog!

 My mama gave me a a shirt that smelled like her so I would remember her.  That helped lots.  I pretended like my mama was holding me when I laid on it.  Plus she brought some of my favorite toys to have with me.  She wanted me to feel like I was at home, but I knew I wasn’t.

The only good part was my walkies and hot dogs at night.  This nice girl came and gave me walkies 3 times a day.  That was nice.  And the hot dogs before bed was REALLY nice!

But I REALLY, REALLY missed my mama.  I thought of her every minute of everyday.

 And then, SHE CAME BACK.  The nice girl came and got me and took me to the front place and I heard my mama’s voice say “there is my girl”.  I piddled I was so excited!!!!!  She came back, she came back!!!!!  I was so happy I barked and piddled!!!  Happy, happy, happy!!!!  Then she took me home!!!!  My kitties and my own bed!!!!!

I hope my mama never leaves me again like that. 

 This is the place that I stayed:  The Canine Country Club.



Scrappy December 21, 2006

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Aren't I cute?


Wacky Wednesday December 20, 2006

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In our part of the world, when it snows, it is WACKY!


Daisy in the Snow

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Tuxie and Tabby Toosday! December 19, 2006

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These kitties are our cousins from El Paso, TX. 

This is Spice. 

This is Moe

(notice their laser beam eyes.  Super powers run in our family.)

This is Friksy.  Yes Friksy.  His nephew, James, pronounced Frisky as Friksy and it stuck.

 This is Monster.  Very appropriate name for a D-O-G.


Wide Body Wednesday! December 13, 2006

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Tuxie Toosday and Tabby Toosday! December 12, 2006

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