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Wordless Wednesday January 31, 2007

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Monday Mutt Day! January 29, 2007

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My mama said that since we doesn’t have any meezers, or midnights, or Monday kitties, I could have this day all to myself!!  Yippeee!!!!  Here is a picture of me on one of my walks.  I has my pink, thermal hoodie on.


Neato Birdie! January 27, 2007

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 This is a Long-Eared Owl.  My auntie see’d it and 11 more last week end at a place in El Paso, TX called Hueco Tanks.  I wanna see one but mama says it could carry me off for lunch!



Thursday Thirteen #3 January 25, 2007

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Thirteen Reason Why I Loves My Ga’ama and Ga’ampa:

  1. My ga’ama will hold me and strokes my cheek until I fall asleep.
  2. She gives me treats when my mama isn’t lookin’.
  3. She says I can come over any time I wants.
  4. They thinks everthing I does it cute.
  5. They thinks my ears is the softest part of me.
  6. They doesn’t get mad at me when I accidentally piddles on the floor.
  7. Ga’ampa thought I was cute  when I bounced him awake on Sunday morning, really early, after my potty walk.
  8. There is only one kitty and he is nicer than Badness.
  9. Everything I does is wonderful.
  10. My ga’ampa has rough hands that feels good on my cheeks.
  11. Warm laps that stay still for a long time.
  12. Extra lovin’s
  13. They laughs when I get all grrrrrrr!


Wacky Wednesday!

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Fashion Friday January 19, 2007

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Daisy showing off her coat.


Thursday Thirteen – Edition 2 January 18, 2007

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Our Favorite Things

  1. Stinky Goodness, of course,  that is a given.
  2. Sunny spots
  3. When the Dog leaves
  4. Fresh, clean, warm laundry
  5. Tiny boxes
  6. Anything with feathers
  7. Rambo (Badness’ boyfriend)
  8. Watching the Mother put on her face
  9. Sleeping on the Mother
  10. Greeting the Mother at the door after her long day of hunting
  11. The two-handed cheek scratch
  12. Vigourous back rubs
  13. Playtime with the Mother