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Our Birding Trip January 4, 2007

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So last week, my mama and I went camping.  It was the firstest time I had been camping.  I didn’tst like it much.  It was cold and wet.  I don’t like either.  But I was a good girl. 

We drove along ways from home to a place called Patagonia Lake State Park in Arizona.

 This is what it looked like.

We did lots of birdy watching.  There was birdies everywhere!!!  My ga’ama put up birdy feeders outside the camper so birdies could come eat.  This is what came!!!

My mama said the red on is a northern cardinal and the grey one is a pyrrhuloxia.  Tons of them came everyday and waited for the feeders to be put out.  My ga’ampa had to put up the feeders at night cuz the coonies kept getting into them.  Bad coonies!!!

here is another picture of the cardinal.

My mama calls this one a lucky shot.

look in the upper left hand quarter of this picture.  You can see a blue heron flying!!!  It was pretty!!!


4 Responses to “Our Birding Trip”

  1. Cecilia Says:

    Oh we are so glad we found your new blog! We were very frustrated and we missed Badness.

  2. fivecats Says:

    A birdie trip? It sounds absolutely delicious. How many birdies did you get to eat, we mean visit?

    And, welcome to WordPress.

  3. What delicious lookin birdies! I thot that was Mrs. Cardinal at furst. We has Mr an Mrs Cardinal at our howse, but not the pyro… whatefer. That’s a bootiful place, but I don’t fink I’d like campin eifur, cept snugglin into Mom’s bed, an I can do that at home!

  4. Kimo & Sabi Says:

    That’s some good birdwatching!

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