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Thursday Thirteen January 11, 2007

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This is our first Thursday Thirteen, so we thought we would share some of the things we felines do around the house to keep our household running smoothly.

  1. Supervise the Mother while she is putting on her face in the morning.  This requires at least two of us to sit on the sink at the same time.  Another sits on the Mother’s litter box seat.
  2. I make sure her hair is dry by insisting that I lick it dry.  Well, I try but she prefers to use the hot air blowy thing.
  3. We all make sure she doesn’t wander off during the night by sleeping on each side of her, holding her down. I take pillow-watch, while Tucker and Scrappy sleep at her sides.
  4.  We set the proper example of getting enough rest.
  5. We remind her promptly when any of our dishes are out of food. Or even half way empty.
  6. We remind her to fill our water dish everyday by spilling it everywhere.
  7. We help keep the D-O-G in line by swatting her at every opportunity.
  8. We remind her to be careful when walking up the stairs by one of us sitting at the base, middle and top of the stairs.  Sitting right in the middle of the stair is very important.
  9. We make sure she doesn’t walk into anything dangerous by stepping right in front of her if a collision looks imminent.
  10. The D-O-G makes sure the Mother gets plenty of exercise.
  11. The D-O-G also makes sure the Mother never runs out of cleaning supplies.
  12. The D-O-G reminds the Mother that it is time to change the litter box by snacking in it.
  13. We make sure the Mother knows we love her by fighting over her lap.

4 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Daisy Says:

    That is a very good list!

  2. Dat’s a furry good list. Know what? When Bonnie lifed alone, she’d see Mom off at the top of the stairs and greet her at the bottom. She’d pass Mom sumwhere in the middle. I didn’t know D-O-Gs could be so useful.

  3. Kaze Says:

    That’s a great list! I try to supervise the Lap Lady’s makeup stuff but I end up just yelling at her the whole time so she picks me up. She has trouble holding me and doing eye makeup but oh well!

  4. Luxor Says:

    It’s obvious that your household could not get along without all of you!

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