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Wacky Wednesday January 17, 2007

Filed under: Cats — furrylogic @ 8:51 pm

5 Responses to “Wacky Wednesday”

  1. kimo & sabi Says:

    Ninja cat in training!

  2. Cecilia Says:

    Oh that is so cute. That evil bath plug needs to be killed dead.

  3. Furry Logic Says:

    Kimo and Sabi, Our Mother said to go the the below site and save as one of the banners for the Animal Rescue site. You have to save it it somewhere online and then do your own HTML link.


  4. Daisy Says:

    That is very silly!

  5. Luxor Says:

    I’m very glad to see that there are little kittens like this protecting us from things most of us don’t have the common sense to be scared of! This is one brave (and wacky) kitty!

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