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When Fings Go Boom!!!! February 28, 2007

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I had the mostest horriblest fings happen last night!  Two horrible fings happened.

The first horrible fing was two BIG MONSTERS by the dumpster outside!!!!  They was huge, round black fings with nasty smells!  They nearly gots me when I ran out the gate!  I barked and barked and made my furs stand up on my back.  Then I had tooo GGGRRRRRRR!!!!!  But they wouldn’t leave no matter how chihuahua I got!  They just sat their looking at me like theys wanted to eat me for lunch!

Finally, my mama helped me be brave, though.  She was so BRAVE.  She walked over to them and said,” They are just tires Daisy.”  I had to sniff and sniff them to make sure they was really just tires.  I is still not sure though.  I walked a long ways around them this morning, just in case.

And then later, we went for a treats run to Petco.  My FAVORITE place! My mama puts me in the back seat but I don’t like it much.  I would rather be sitting her in lap when she is driving.  Anyways, on our way to Petco, my favorite  place, she hit something with the back tire (another monster?) and it went BOOOM!!!After it went BOOOM!!!!, it went ppsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss for a while. Mama didn’t hear that part though. When it went BOOOM! I leaped all the way from the backseat into my mama’s lap. There was no way I was staying back there with fings going BOOM!!!!!.

On our ways home, the car went real slow and bumpity, bumpity, bumpity, bump. Mama said we had a flat tire and that wasn’t good. She made me sit in the back seat again, though. I was scared at first but mama made me brave by saying it was okay. I was still a little bit scared, though.

This morning mama didn’t go to work right away. She let me help her fix the tire. And I sitted in the backseat like a brave dog.

– Daisy


Funny Friday February 23, 2007

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“You will give us stinky goodness.  You will give us stinky goodness.”


Furrozen Bum February 21, 2007

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This is a picture of me furreezzing my bum off.  I doesn’t know why my mama makes me sit in the snow sometimes.  Snow is okay as long as I doesn’t have to put my bum in it.

My mama and ga’ama and ga’ampa took me to the top of the mountain Sunday.  It had lots of snow on it.  See how much!  I had lots of fun, except for the sittin’ in the snow.



Thursday Thirteen #6 February 15, 2007

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Thirteen Signs You Are Kitty-whipped

  1. You have a queen size bed but only sleep on a quarter of it.
  2. Your brush has more cat hair than your own.
  3. You are single but still wish you had privacy in the bathroom.
  4. Can’t take three steps in your home without stepping on something that squeaks, rattles or crunches.
  5. You buy a house based on the width of the window sills.
  6.  Your furniture has the same color scheme as your cats.
  7. You buy lint rollers in bulk.
  8. You spend more on pet food than on groceries.
  9. You buy quality kitty litter but buy TP so cheap you can see wood chips in it.
  10.  You sit on the floor because all the chairs are taken.
  11. You tell the man of your dreams, “Love me, Love my cats”.
  12.  Your cats have a blog
  13. You cancel a hot date on Friday night so your cats can attend a Valentine blog party.
  14. Bonus: Your cats have more online dates than you do.

Badness isn’t so Bad February 13, 2007

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I know Badness comes across as a hard a** sometimes.  Okay, all the time.  She can be, especially with the dog.  But she actually has two soft spots in her hard heart; one for me and one for Scrappy.

I was reminded of this the other night.  Badness has, from day one, slept on my pillow.  That is her place at night, wrapped around my head.  Well, a couple of nights ago, I woke up and just gazed at her sleeping softly.  She woke up and looked at me with her green eyes half closed.  Then she reached up and touched my cheek with her paw.  She was so sweet. Then she turned her head under and started purring still looking at me.  Talk about melting my heart. 

 I know for a fact that she has pined away for me.  I had to go out of town for work for two months several years back.  (trip of a lifetime! Alaska!).  Anyways, the girls auntie, Renee, stayed with them for the time I was gone.  Badness only came out from under the bed to eat and poo.  The rest of the time she was under the bed.  Poor girl.  She missed her mama.

So Badness isn’t really the big tough that she tries to make herself out to be.  But don’t tell her that I told you guys, she will kill me!

– the Mother


Funny Friday February 9, 2007

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Tucker has fun with the crazy circle, why can’t she?


Thursday Thirteen #5 February 8, 2007

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Thirteen Reasons Why Cats Need the Sun

  1. Need to work on our super-fabulous tans.
  2. Brings up ancestral memories of the desert. 
  3. Keeps our cosmic energy aligned.
  4. Warm our cold bones.
  5. It makes the cat grass grow.
  6. It lets the Mother take the dog outside on walks and therefore, out of the cats way.
  7. Reminds us of the days when cats were worshipped as gods.  Our ancestress, Bast, was the goddess of the sun. 
  8. Fun to nap in
  9. We look super-sexy when we are bathing (washing) in it.
  10. It makes the tips of our fur glow making us look like we have haloes.
  11. The birds put on a good show for us out the window
  12. It feels good to roast in it
  13. It makes the world look bright and cheery.