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Thursday Thirteen #4 February 2, 2007

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Thirteen Reasons Why We Nearly Forgot to Post Our 13

  1. Voting for Kukka-Maria in the Share the Love Blog Award contest and thanking our lucky stars the Mother didn’t marry the last Father candidate :::insert shivers:::.
  2. Wondering why Grrr didn’t do a nose-ectomy on the Blonde Girl.
  3. Admiring Kimo and Sabi in their team wear :::swoon:::.
  4. Knitting sweaters for the coming ice age.
  5. Hoping Eddie gets to feeling better.
  6. Wondering when Tucker is ever going to be a big man cat.
  7. Appreciating the Cat Blogosphere.
  8. Wondering why the Cat Washing Machine is called safe when it looks like a midievel torture device.
  9. Wondering if Morris should run for president again.  He would be the best contender.
  10. Wondering how a d-o-g came to live with us.
  11. Again thanking our lucky stars the Near Earth Astroid 2006 AM4 missed us by 1,998,885 km today!  That was close!
  12. Wondering how we can get our mom up off the sofa more so she doesn’t get heart disease and is no longer able to give us stinky goodness.
  13. Thinking the Cat Herders commercial should have been voted the #1 best Super Bowl commercial!

13 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen #4”

  1. Derby Says:

    We don’t have to have Morris run for President. We have Cheysuli now. And we are being progressive. A woman cat for President.

  2. Luxor Says:

    Those are some great reasons why you almost forgot!

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  11. Moippilky Says:

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