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Fur-kids! Barf-fest February 6, 2007

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This is The Mother.   I have taken over the blog for today to commiserate with other fur-parents.

This is what happened:

As part of the current decorating mode that I am in, I bought a new rug for the living room.  I was hoping to keep it clean for atleast a week. Ha!  Didn’t even last 5 days.

Friday night, Daisy barfs 4 (four) times on the new rug.  Four times!  Tucker barfs once.  You know, this is only a 5X8 rug in a 10×12 room.  Odds are that atleast a couple of those barfs should have been on the tile right????  Nope.

The fun continues that night, when I turn over in bed and discover that Badness has barfed on the pillow.  Atleast, she had the courtesy of choosing a good color scheme for her barf.  It matched the sheet set quite well. 

Saturday morning the barfing continued.  Atleast 3 more times from Badness, I believe.  I never actually saw the feline barfing but assume it was Badness because the hairball was white. 

So over the weekend, I had atleast 9 barfing incidences that I know of.  All on the new carpet upstairs, bed set and rug downstairs.

 What did I do?  Did I step one someones tail?  Did I not serve up enough Stinky Goodness?  Tell me what did I do?!!!?!?!?!??!


3 Responses to “Fur-kids! Barf-fest”

  1. Latte Says:

    Eh, sometimes we just get barfy. Like last week, Kaze barfed on the couch. That did NOT make anyone too happy, the week before she barfed in the sleeping room at 3am. This morning Chase left a nice wet hairball on the dining room rug. I’m sorry about the new rug….sometimes Meowmy wishes she just had no rugs at all.

  2. kimo & sabi Says:

    Maybe there’s something in that rug that gives ’em a gag reflex! Or, like Latte’s says…they’re just barfy!

  3. Daisy Says:

    That’s a lot of bomit! When I bomit, my Mommie tries to run with me to the tile, but I usually just leave a stream of bomit behind me. On the carpet. Hahaha.

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