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Funny Furriday! March 30, 2007

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Cat One Liners:

  • Why don’t cats play poker in the jungle?

          Too many cheetahs.

  • How did a cat take first prize at the bird show?

          He just jumped up to the cage, reached in, and took it.

  • How does the cat get its own way?

          With friendly purrsuasion.

  • What’s happening when you hear “woof… splat… meow… splat?”

          It’s raining cats and dogs.

Cat Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray this cushy life to keep.
I pray for toys that look like mice,
And sofa cushions, soft and nice.
I pray for gourmet kitty snacks,
And someone nice to scratch my back,
For windowsills all warm and bright,
For shadows to explore at night.
I pray I’ll always stay real cool
And keep the secret feline rule
To NEVER tell a human that
The world is really ruled by CATS!

And our Mother’s personal favorite:

Why Cats are Better than Men

1. A cat always comes in SOBER after being out all night. 2. When a cat goes to the toilet she tries not to leave a trace.

3. You can put a bell around a cat’s neck so you know exactly where she is.

4. If you stroke a cat she won’t leap on you for sex.

5. You don’t mind that much if a cat brings a bird home every night.

6. When a cat comes in at midnight it doesn’t wake you up by smashing into the furniture.

7. Cats never pretend they know how to fix the video.

8. Cats don’t care what size your boobs are.

9. Cats still love you even when your perm goes wrong.

10. Cats love rubbing up to your legs however much cellulite you have.

11. Cats can be neutered if they stray.

12. If a cat jumps into your lap, a little light petting will satisfy her.

13. It’s okay if a cat rubs up against your best friend.

14. If you ask enough times, a cat may actually listen to you.

15. You never have to spend time with your cat’s mother.

16. Better chance of training a cat.

17. Cats are cute.

18. A cat is never late for dinner.

19. Cats love to see you come home from shopping with lots of bags!

20. You’ll never get a call from you cat’s ex-wife.

21. A cat would never leave you for a younger women.

22. Cats treat your mom with respect.

23. Cats don’t worry about hair loss.

24. I feels nice to stroke a cats soft, fluffy fur.

25. A cat’s friend is less likely to be annoying.

26. Cats can’t show love without meaning it.

27. To buy a fancy dinner for a cat only costs 40p

28. Cats actually think with their heads.

29. Unlike a man, a cat can fend for itself.

30. It is legal in all states to neuter a cat.

31. Cats comfort you when you are sick.

32. When a cat sleeps all day it’s natural, not annoying



Thursday 13 #8 March 29, 2007

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Thirteen Things the World Needs More of:

  1. Whispy whiskers

2.  Soft Puppy Ears

 3.  Pansies

4.   Squishy Bellies

5.  Bun shaped clouds

6.  Pink outfits

7.  Pink Noses

8.  Kissing

9.  Moist Noses

10.  Kitty Lips

11. Ear Tufts

12.  Bunny Buns

13.  Humor


Monday’s Mad Musings March 26, 2007

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Item: The Pet Food Recall

Well, I checked into the foods that I have been feeding to my critters.  Every thing is okay.  The kitties get Royal Canin Light and Pinnacle Moist Canned Food. The Royal Canin does contain wheat gluten but since it isn’t connected with Menu Foods, it shouldn’t be a problem. (I hope)

I also found several interesting arcticles at Cat Channel.com.  One is entitle Cat Food Standards.  It says,

<quote>”Raw materials, usually consisting of grain, meat protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, undergo testing before the manufacturers accept them. They are inspected for moisture, color, odor, overall appearance and the absence of contaminants. Checks continue throughout the manufacturing process.”</qoute>

Since this is the case, obviously Menu Foods has not be testing ingredients as it should be.  The Rat Poison or other contaminants would have been found before the ingredients were turned into food.  Extreme Negligence? Any person who loves their pets or has common sense would say yes.

Another thing that has been bothering me about this whole thing is the use the same type of ingredients from the same suppliers ex. wheat gluten in different brands of pet food.  The same wheat gluten that went into Ol’Roy, a cheap pet food, went into Eukanuba, a supposedly premium pet food.   How do I know whether they aren’t using the same ingredients in all these pet foods?  The expensive Eukanuba that you buy for $14.00 a bag could have the exact same ingredients of the same quality as a $3.00 bag of Ol’ Roy!

For now I am content to continue feeding them what I am…but that may change the more I research.

– The Mother


Funny Friday March 23, 2007

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                                               …is through her cat

So, you’re dating a gal who shares her residence with a cat. If your relationship is going to get anywhere, I encourage you to follow each of these suggestions:

Never, ever mention that you can (or can’t) smell the litter box.

If the kitten wants to spend an hour untying your shoelace, let him. When he gets it untied, retie it so he can continue playing.

Never make a big show of brushing the cat fur from your slacks.

Get in the habit of putting a couple of sardines in your pocket. Slip them to the cat when she isn’t watching. (Note: you may have to do this through the entire dating period, because the cat will likely go for your pocket each time you visit.)

Don’t push the cat off the sofa if he’s inserted himself between the two of you. If he’s still sitting between the two of you when you get amorous, reassure him (mental telepathy is fine) that you have no harmful intentions against his companion, and move him gently to your lap. Try to keep one hand stroking the cat at all times in this situation.

If you’re spending the night, do yourself a favor and don’t even TRY to sleep in the cat’s favorite spot on the bed.

When you phone her, ask about her cat.

When she leaves the room to fix cocktails or check on dinner, ask her if she’s got a cat toy handy so you can keep the cat entertained.

If you’re taking her out to dinner, ask her if it’s okay to bring home a “cat bag” of leftovers for the cat.


Monday Mutt Day #2 March 19, 2007

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at the

Dog Park

Badness:  There is too much D-O-G in the C-A-T blog.


Fashion Furriday March 16, 2007

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Pretty in Pink



Thursday Thirteen #7 March 15, 2007

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Thirteen Thankfulnesses

  1. We are thankful that we don’t have to go out and hunt every day like our Mother does.
  2. But we are also thankful that our Mother has such a good hunting territory so she can bring us stinky goodness whenever we want it, which is all the time.
  3. We are thankful that Tucker really isn’t a hippopotumas.
  4. We are thankful for catnip.
  5. We are thankful for spring coming.
  6. We are thankful that Mother is thinking of cleaning out the box, hint, hint, hint.
  7. We are thankful for Jeeves and Wooster that keeps our Mother laughing at her hunting place so she is in a good mood when she comes home.
  8. We are thankful that the Mother takes the D-O-G for a walk.
  9. We are thankful for the flannel sheets on the bed that keep us warm.
  10. We are thankful for the window sills wide enough for our bums.
  11. We are thankful for two-handed cheek scratches.
  12. We are thankful for the Cat Blogosphere.
  13. We are thankful to all our friends who comment on our blog!

Widebody Wednesday March 14, 2007

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Poor Tucker is always the butt of our widebody jokes here at Furry Logic.

Striking Resemblance


 Wow! The resemblance is amazing!


Late Night Spelunking March 13, 2007

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The mouth of the cave was very small, but my whiskers told me I could fit.  I slipped in as quietly as I could.  The floor of the cave was soft and gave under my feet.  The air was warm and slighting moist.  It smelled like cotton and feet, people feet. 

Tunnelling was hard.  In some area’s I just had to push my head through, not knowing what was on the other side.   There was the possiblility of a sneak attack at my flanks from a flailing arm or leg.  I could also be attacked from above by my yuckie brother, who was stalking me from the outside, watching my every move.

The deeper I went the more stifling and feet stinky the air became.  I had to get air!!! Air!  I navigated to the right and came to a really highup cave opening.  It was a long way down to the floor. But oh the sweet smell of fresh air!!!

Mama: Scrappy, what are you doing?

Scrappy: ‘sploring.

Mama: Who are you and what have you done with my Scrappy?  My Scrappy never goes under the covers.

Scrappy: I am just ‘sploring Mom.  It looked like fun under here so I decided to ‘splore.

Mama: at Midnight? ugh.

I slipped back into the cave, found a nice warm spot against my Mom and went to sleep.


How to Help Your Mom Feel Better When She is Sick March 9, 2007

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Our Mama has been sick for the past couple of days.  We don’t like to see our mama sick.  Mainly because we worry about her ability to bring us stinky goodness if she misses to many days of hunting.  But also because she does look pitiful.  Here are some of the things we do to help our mama feel better:

  • Try to fit as many of yourselves on her chest and stomach as possible.  This will aid in keeping her warm as well as let her know that all of your love her.
  • Act mortified if her face expodes on you.  This will help her to remember that face explosions are not acceptable social behavior and should be curbed by blowing her nose.
  • To aid in blowing her nose, be sure to rip out all the tissues in the box and scatter them all over the living room.  That way when she needs one in an emergency one will be in easy reach.  Be sure to shread a few for your own pleasure.
  • To make sure she is still getting some exercise, be sure to move her various pill bottles around the living room.
  • To remind her that she is neglecting her cat duties and should hurry up and get well, be sure to barf several times.

If any of you kitties have any other suggestions, please leave them in our comments.  The more we can do to help our mother get well the better.