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Widebody Wednesday March 14, 2007

Filed under: Cats — furrylogic @ 3:52 pm

Poor Tucker is always the butt of our widebody jokes here at Furry Logic.

Striking Resemblance


 Wow! The resemblance is amazing!


16 Responses to “Widebody Wednesday”

  1. Daisy Says:

    Poor Tucker! I think you should be proud, because the hippo is a mighty, mighty beast!

  2. Furry Logic Says:

    Yeah, even though we make fun of his waist line, we still love him. Well, Scrappy and Daisy do. Of course, the Mother loves him very much. The Mother says his blubber makes him more fun to squeeze.

  3. Dragonheart Says:

    Poor Tucker. At least there is more of him to love!

  4. Kaze Says:

    No way, Tucker is gorgeous, he looks nothing like that hippo. First of all…it doesn’t have any fur!

  5. Furry Logic Says:

    Dragon Heart,

    He is also one of the sweetest kitties I have ever had.

    The Mother

  6. Furry Logic Says:


    Tucker says “Thank you!”

    The Mother

  7. Your much cuter than a Hippo!

  8. Nope, no resemblance at all! Da hippo hafs no fur and goofy looking noze. Yoo haf furries and a kyoot noze.

  9. Furry Logic Says:

    Zippy, Sadie & Speedy,

    Tucker’s head is going to get as big as his stomach with all of these compliments.

  10. kimo & sabi Says:

    Hmmmm…we finks we’ll keep our comments to ourselves 😉

  11. The M's Says:

    Your ears are so totally not like the hippos at all.

  12. Luxor Says:

    I feel I must settle this once and for all. Tucker does not look like that hippo. There.

  13. Furry Logic Says:

    Kimo and Sabi,

    Mum’s the word. When I tell him he looks like a hippo, he just says,”thats cool. Feed me.” So he really doesn’t care. Silly boy.

  14. Furry Logic Says:


    We agree. His ear aren’t hippoish at all. Tucker has fine feline ears.

  15. Furry Logic Says:


    okay…we will stop calling him a hippo…to his face. We can still say it to ourselves, can’t we?

  16. fivecats Says:

    That’s not nice! Tucker is very handsome.

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