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Fashion Furriday March 16, 2007

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Pretty in Pink



14 Responses to “Fashion Furriday”

  1. Riley & Tiki Says:

    What a sweet picture! -Riley & Tiki

    Hubba hubba!! -Kesey

  2. *snirk* Dats a woofie in a dress! We saw dat and wondered why any woofie wood let sumbean do dat. Den we noticed how pritty she wuz and we figgered she knew it too…

  3. Riley & Tiki,

    Thank you!


    :::blush::: Thank you!

  4. Zippy, Sadie & Speedy,

    Yeah, she usually doesn’t like to wear clothes but she likes all the attention she gets when she wears her dress. And for the record, it is a harness too.

  5. Daisy Says:

    Daisy, I like yer name a lot! And I really like yer pink dress! And it even matches yer collar! Very fashionable.

  6. Abby & Boo Says:

    *kitty giggle*
    A woofie in a pink dress.


  7. Oh so pretty…for a woofie!

  8. Daisy,

    We knew you would appreciate the pink dress. You have very good taste.

  9. Abby & Boo,

    LOL! Daisy thinks it is a torture device. Especially designed to humilate dogs.

  10. Sultanfus and Guy,

    For a woofie she is pretty cute. Thank you!

  11. kimo & sabi Says:

    Lovely attire! We gots that same song on our bloggie right now!

  12. Lucy Says:

    Ooh, a pretty in pink woofie, and her name is Daisy! Hey, Daisy cat, can woofies join the Pink Ladies Gang?


  13. Kimo and Sabi,

    She likes the attention that comes with her outfit but not the outfit itself. She prefers to be au naturale.

  14. Lucy,

    I would love for Daisy to be in the pink ladies, but to be honest, Daisy really isn’t much of a lady.

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