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Monday’s Mad Musings March 26, 2007

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Item: The Pet Food Recall

Well, I checked into the foods that I have been feeding to my critters.  Every thing is okay.  The kitties get Royal Canin Light and Pinnacle Moist Canned Food. The Royal Canin does contain wheat gluten but since it isn’t connected with Menu Foods, it shouldn’t be a problem. (I hope)

I also found several interesting arcticles at Cat Channel.com.  One is entitle Cat Food Standards.  It says,

<quote>”Raw materials, usually consisting of grain, meat protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, undergo testing before the manufacturers accept them. They are inspected for moisture, color, odor, overall appearance and the absence of contaminants. Checks continue throughout the manufacturing process.”</qoute>

Since this is the case, obviously Menu Foods has not be testing ingredients as it should be.  The Rat Poison or other contaminants would have been found before the ingredients were turned into food.  Extreme Negligence? Any person who loves their pets or has common sense would say yes.

Another thing that has been bothering me about this whole thing is the use the same type of ingredients from the same suppliers ex. wheat gluten in different brands of pet food.  The same wheat gluten that went into Ol’Roy, a cheap pet food, went into Eukanuba, a supposedly premium pet food.   How do I know whether they aren’t using the same ingredients in all these pet foods?  The expensive Eukanuba that you buy for $14.00 a bag could have the exact same ingredients of the same quality as a $3.00 bag of Ol’ Roy!

For now I am content to continue feeding them what I am…but that may change the more I research.

– The Mother


One Response to “Monday’s Mad Musings”

  1. fivecats Says:

    Unfortunately, this is what happens when a company contracts out part of its operation. Iams (P&G) was doing well before expanding into the “cuts and gravy” foods. Sure the wet food offerings were a bit limited, but you didn’t have the problem. When Iams (more like P&G) decided to overhaul their offerings and include “cuts and gravy,” they contract out the operation because they didn’t have the capacity. Hence, their problems with this mess. Compound it with the desire of Menu Foods to buy stock ingredients at the lowest price possible … from China. Whether this extends to the dry food production, that’s anyone’s guess right now.

    There’s much more to come on this matter. How much is anyone’s guess.

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