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A Fur-Mom’s Pledge April 11, 2007

Filed under: Cats — furrylogic @ 10:28 pm

I pledge to always feed my fur-kids only tasty, nutritious and safe food, treats and stinky goodness.  It shall all be human grade ingredients and organic.  The meat shall be from happy cows, fish, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, etc.  The vegetables shall all be from happy farms.  I will also boycott any brand of pet food that engages in animal testing.   I will thoroughly research each and every product before placing it down for my fur-family to eat.

The proper care of my fur-family is my number one priority with heathy food and adequate healthcare being of prime importance.

– The Mother


3 Responses to “A Fur-Mom’s Pledge”

  1. The Lap Lady Says:

    Yup! Me too. My kids eat Innova Evo dry and Merrick wet.

  2. Karen Jo Says:

    That is a wonderful pledge. I wholeheartedly agree, even though I don’t have fur companions now. I do help people looking for healthy food for their cats and dogs.

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