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Thursday Thirteen #9 April 12, 2007

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Thirteen Reasons Why We Need Internet Access at Home

  1. We don’t need to worry about teleporting to the Mother’s work everyday.  We have watched Star Trek and know all about molecular degradation.
  2. The Mother won’t get busted all the time for looking at Kitty Porn.
  3. We won’t have to teleport in and out every time a co-worker walks by (see #1).
  4. We can buy cat supplies all the time without listening to the Mother grumble about how expensive everything is.
  5. We don’t have to watch the Mother spending our hard earned money on dumb things like dog beds.
  6. No complaints about our getting cat hair on the Mother’s cubicle walls.
  7. No complaints about our sharpening our claws on the Mother’s cubicle walls.
  8. We don’t get our bums tapped when we politely chew on her plants.
  9. We can surf the Net while still laying on the bed!!!! Very important.
  10. Surf, eat, nap, surf, nap, nap, nap, surf, eat, nap, potty, nap, nap.
  11. Alright, alright……the dog can surf too.  ::::shudder::::
  12. Cat/dog politics much easier to negotiate than office politics.
  13. No more reminders from the Mother that our surfing is keeping her from earning our kibble.

2 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen #9”

  1. Daisy Says:

    Oh, I agree, you should definitely get internet access at home! Those are very very good reasons. Teleporting back and forth takes a lot of energy.

  2. Kaze Says:

    You don’t have it at home? Our humans are attached to their notebook computers. If not for the cord to keep them powered up they would take them everywhere. You should have it at home!!!

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