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It’s Called ‘Paying the Rent’ April 23, 2007

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You kitties and doggies of the Cat Blogosphere must admit that you lead a pretty cushie life.  We pet-parents, guardians…beans are totally kitty-whipped!  I know you think this is how is should be.  Humans scurrying around trying the keep the fur-kids happy.  We jump through hoops to get you the right food, the right litter, the right toys.  You turn up your nose at the stinky goodness you were dying to have yesterday and we merely open another can, wondering what we did wrong.  We just laugh indulgently when you play with a twisty tie off a tortilla bag or a milk jug ring and totally ignore the fevver toy we paid $7.99 for.  You miss the litter box?  We must have bought the wrong litter or moved the box two inches too far to the left.

 Well, kitties it is time to give something back.  It is time to pay the rent.  Paying the rent includes:

  • post-it notes placed between your ears or another inaccessible place. 
  • pinching cheeks, both ends.
  • squishing the jelly roll around your middle
  • weighing you just for laughs…..Tucker
  • hair scrunchies around your tail, loosely of course.
  • taking pictures while you are bathing or napping.  Tongue out is mandatory.
  • taking pictures while you are high on kitty krack and….putting them on the net
  • fingers in your sides where they pooch out.
  • Saying “must be jelly cuz jam don’t shake like that” when you run.
  • holding you like a baby.
  • a friendly kick in the bum when you are taking you time walking to the food dish.

Now you kitties can get all hissy and cop an attitude when we humans require you to pay the rent, but remember the more offended you kitties get, the more we humans enjoy it.

Pee ess: Thanks to all who wished Daisy a get well soon.  She is doing much better.


2 Responses to “It’s Called ‘Paying the Rent’”

  1. Riley & Tiki Says:

    I kinda like being held like a baby. I get more tummy rubs that way.


  2. Kaze Says:

    I think I can handle all of that. I mean, it only seems fair and I do like my belly jiggled it makes me purr.

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