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Keep Our Pets Safe Nationwide March April 27, 2007

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On March 16, 2007 Menu Foods began a unprecedented recall of pet foods that included 91 brands of pet food and led to the removal of over 60 million cans of pet food from store shelves. The food at first thought tainted with rat poison, was in fact tainted deliberately by the manufacturers in a practice called protein spiking with melamine, a plastic, to boost the supposed nutrient content of low quality wheat gluten.

The Menu Foods recall was just the tip of the iceberg. For the last few weeks, other pet foods have been added to the list, including brands that we once trusted, Natural Balance and Royal Canin, both of which I was feeding to my pets. Two more ingredients, also cheap protein sources, rice protein concentrate and corn gluten, have been tainted, leading to more recalls. Everyday the recall lists at Howl911.com grows.  

All of us pet owners, who have been following the story over the past weeks have been mystified and apalled by what we have been learning of the pet food business.  Naively, we believed that pet food companies had our pets interests at heart.  That bubble has been burst.  We also believed our government was protecting us and our pets from contaminated products.  We were wrong.  Very, very wrong. 

While all this has been going on, news alerts, governmental subcommittee hearings and blogging, around the country pets have been dying unreported.  The news media still holds to the “16 total deaths”.  However, according to Pet Connection.com over 4,400 pets have died.  To our government and pet food manufacturers, these deaths mean nothing.  To the pet owners, life will never be the same.  These dear ones, our kitties and woofies, are gone, silenced by a preventable tragedy.  Our dear ones are gone because of greed.  Our dear ones were sacrificed for the bottom line.

Please join me in a cybermarch April 28th.  Please help us raise awareness of this tragedy and hopefully to save other lives.  And remember, tell your loved ones, children, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers and your dear pets how much you love them.




2 Responses to “Keep Our Pets Safe Nationwide March”

  1. Luxor Says:

    Mom was feeding Ninna Natural Balance, also, until right before it was recalled.

    This is such a scary situation, and to think it could all have been prevented.

  2. I once worked in a pet food factory. You would be amazed at what went on. I am not saying all are the same though.

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