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Badness, Scrappy, Tucker and Daisy Speak Out

Thursday Thirteen #11 May 31, 2007

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Thirteen Reasons Why We Have

Been Lazy Posting on Our Blog

  1. The cool breezes moving through our fur has made it near impossible to leave the windows.

  2. We are busy watching all the birds taking care of their families and/or making new families.

  3. Back to those cool breezes, they make napping even more fun!

  4. Our creative energies are being directed to our new hobby, dust bunny sculpture.  We will post pictures soon! Maybe the Mother just needs to vaccum for often.

  5. Reading Itchmo!  Haven’t they done a great job on keeping us informed about the food recalls?

  6. Along the food recall lines, we have been doing tons of research in to feline and canine diets.  We are even considering going RAW.  The Mother shivers at the thought, but she will do it for us.

  7. Working on our tans.

  8. Catching up on the outside cat gossip.  A new cat moved in.  Very pretty!

  9. We have been watching alot on the Discovery Science channel.  This morning we learned all about earthquakes.  Tucker jumping off the bed registers as a 4.5 on the Richter scale.

  10. We have also been snacking on our Boston fern and then barfing on the rug.  Selecting the right spot to barf requires alot of thought.  Trajectory, placement in the path of travel, liquidity vs. solidity…etc. 

  11. We are also working on convincing our Mother that it is time to buy another sofa.  We scratch on it at every opportunity to show her where it is getting threadbare.  It just isn’t a good scratching surface anymore. 

  12. Our new litter boxes and litter have been taking up quite a bit of time.  We like the Swheat Scoop alot!  We use the box and then scatter the litter like confetti to show how much we love it.

  13. And well…just basically being lazy.  We are cats!!!  What do you expect!?


Thursday Thirteen #10 and Back From Hiatus May 24, 2007

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About Us Kitties

  1. Badness is the oldest of us and was the last one of a litter of kittens under a free kittens sign at a grocery store.
  2. Scrappy was born under our grandparents house.  She lived with bunches of aunts and cousins until our Mother brought her home. 
  3. Tucker was officially adopted.  He was an orphan.  He and his sibleys are bottle babies.
  4. Badness’ first name is Thea.
  5. Badness’ likes to lick wet hair
  6. Scrappy likes to let the water from faucet drop on her head and then drink it at the drain.  It tastes better when filtered by cat fur.
  7. Tucker is an enthusiastic digger in the litter box.
  8. Tucker once piddled right in front of the Mother to let her know he wanted his litter box placed back upstairs.
  9. Scrappy doesn’t like Stinky Goodness!
  10. Scrappy had a heart murmur when she was little
  11. Tucker sits in the window sill downstairs waiting for Mother to come home.
  12. Scrappy sits in the window sill upstairs waiting for Mother to come home
  13. Everyone meets Mother at the door when she comes home.

We are back from hiatus. Our great-grandpa died last week.  The funeral was this past weekend in El Paso Tx.  We kitties have been laying around on the beach drinking meowgaritas and the d-o-g stayed with her best friend for two weekends.  We are all trying to get back on schedule now!


Hiatus May 10, 2007

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We are going on a hiatus for a few days.  The Mother is having a family emergency.  She still hasn’t gotten us internet access at home despite all our griping and complaining.  The Mother told us that while she is gone we can’t bug her co-workers to help us blog sooo…we will be quiet for a few days.  The d-o-g is going to be staying with one of her d-o-g friends, Bullet.  We are going to teleport to some mouse infested beach in Mexico. YUM!  White sand and fresh meat!


Badness and Co.


Our New Jungle! May 8, 2007

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One thing vet trips do is make the Mother feel guilty for being a bad mother.  We don’t think she is but don’t tell her that.  So this weekend, the Mother went out and bought us a bunch of stuff; new nip, new litter boxes, new litter (Swheat Scoop) and PLANTS!!!  She said she also got us shelves that will be dinner platforms up out of the reach of the d-o-g.  We have snoopervized her hanging of shelves before and it could be a year long project.  She isn’t very handy.  Unfortunately, though, she sprayed all the plants but the fern with bitter apples stuff.  She said we shouldn’t eat some of those plants cuz they could make us sick. 

It’s very rare to get a picture of all three of us in one place!



Daisy Is Fine…. May 7, 2007

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but my nerves can’t take this anymore!  UGH!

The vet visit went well, even though Daisy did try to eat the vet. She has very definite opinions about people in lab coats.  Don’t we all? 

Anyways, they took blood and urine samples.  We haven’t heard the results yet.  But Daisy is acting fine.  Eating normally and doing her ‘business’ normally.  Energy levels are normal too. She is fine.  Sometimes vet visits are more for our benefit that the pets.  Peace of mind, you know. 

I asked the vet about diet.  I was expecting to get the usual about home prepared and raw is BAD, use only manufactured pet food.  But he didn’t say that at all.  The only thing definite that he said was make sure whatever I feed is nutritionally balanced.  We talked abit about the the recall situation and he put all the blame on the Chinese.  They are trying to kill us, he said.  He put no blame on the pet food manufacturers who failed to test their products.  Very politically correct of him, don’t you think? 

I feel good about what I am feeding the critters now.  They are all eating California Natural now.  The cats LOVE it!  Now that is an endorsement!  For wet food, they eat Pinnacle and Daisy eats Avoderm.   We may all the living in the car soon because I went broke buying pet food, but at least everyone will be eating good food.

Thank you to all of you who get Daisy in your thoughts and purrayers!


Daisy is sick again May 4, 2007

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Daisy was not herself again today.  She wasn’t as energetic as she usually is although she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to chase a cat or two.  This morning the first thing she did was eat a lot of grass.  Before she even went potty!!  That is very unusual.  Plus she was walking around with her tail tucked down and her body kind of hunched.  That is very different from her usual self.  In the morning, she is usually bright on cheery, tail up and waving, happy, happy, happy.  She wasn’t that way this morning.

In lieu of the ASPCA alert from this morning, I am taking Daisy to the vet this afternoon.  I recieved an email from Petco yesterday alerting me that I had purchased a variety of Natural Balance that had been recalled.  Please note that I recieved this email two weeks after the recall.  I don’t know when Daisy ate the food, it may have been last week, I am not sure and it was just one can.  But…to be safe and considering how she is behaving today, I am taking her in.

The kitties, on the otherhand, are doing great.  They were eating Royal Canin.  I have switched them to Wellness and California Natural for the past couple of weeks.  They hate the Wellness but love the California Natural.  So that is what we are going with.  Badness’ fur looks spectacular.  I haven’t seen her this beautiful in a long time.  Tucker and Scrappy are playing up a storm.  There has been no lethargy or anamolies in the litter box either.  Just the usual amounts of barfing :::rolls eyes:::

I will let you all know what happens with the vet visit.

– Bridgett



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Badness:  Umm.. Mother? It isn’t Wednesday.

The Mother: It isn’t?

Badness:  No Mother ::::like she is talking to a crazy person:::: it is only Tuesday.

The Mother: Oh, well I said it was wild!  It must be because you kitties kept me up all night, head bonking and walking all over me.