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Daisy is sick again May 4, 2007

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Daisy was not herself again today.  She wasn’t as energetic as she usually is although she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to chase a cat or two.  This morning the first thing she did was eat a lot of grass.  Before she even went potty!!  That is very unusual.  Plus she was walking around with her tail tucked down and her body kind of hunched.  That is very different from her usual self.  In the morning, she is usually bright on cheery, tail up and waving, happy, happy, happy.  She wasn’t that way this morning.

In lieu of the ASPCA alert from this morning, I am taking Daisy to the vet this afternoon.  I recieved an email from Petco yesterday alerting me that I had purchased a variety of Natural Balance that had been recalled.  Please note that I recieved this email two weeks after the recall.  I don’t know when Daisy ate the food, it may have been last week, I am not sure and it was just one can.  But…to be safe and considering how she is behaving today, I am taking her in.

The kitties, on the otherhand, are doing great.  They were eating Royal Canin.  I have switched them to Wellness and California Natural for the past couple of weeks.  They hate the Wellness but love the California Natural.  So that is what we are going with.  Badness’ fur looks spectacular.  I haven’t seen her this beautiful in a long time.  Tucker and Scrappy are playing up a storm.  There has been no lethargy or anamolies in the litter box either.  Just the usual amounts of barfing :::rolls eyes:::

I will let you all know what happens with the vet visit.

– Bridgett


6 Responses to “Daisy is sick again”

  1. Riley & Tiki Says:

    We hope Daisy is okay. Sending purrs and soft woofs.

    Riley, Tiki, & Kesey

  2. We’z saying a purrayer fur Daisy. Mom is haffing a hard time wif all dis food recall stuff. Dad sed last nite dat we just gotta stop letting China import crap here, der are absolutely no controls on anything in China except how many babies they can have.

  3. Daisy Says:

    Oh, I am hoping and hoping that Daisy is OK. I am sending healing purrs.

  4. Karen Jo Says:

    I really hope and pray that Daisy is all right. I’m glad that the kitties are doing so well on their new food. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for Daisy.

  5. Luxor Says:

    This is scary – I really hope Daisy’s okay!

  6. Is Daisy okay? We’ll check back for an update Monday and we’ll keep purraying fur her.

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