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Daisy Is Fine…. May 7, 2007

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but my nerves can’t take this anymore!  UGH!

The vet visit went well, even though Daisy did try to eat the vet. She has very definite opinions about people in lab coats.  Don’t we all? 

Anyways, they took blood and urine samples.  We haven’t heard the results yet.  But Daisy is acting fine.  Eating normally and doing her ‘business’ normally.  Energy levels are normal too. She is fine.  Sometimes vet visits are more for our benefit that the pets.  Peace of mind, you know. 

I asked the vet about diet.  I was expecting to get the usual about home prepared and raw is BAD, use only manufactured pet food.  But he didn’t say that at all.  The only thing definite that he said was make sure whatever I feed is nutritionally balanced.  We talked abit about the the recall situation and he put all the blame on the Chinese.  They are trying to kill us, he said.  He put no blame on the pet food manufacturers who failed to test their products.  Very politically correct of him, don’t you think? 

I feel good about what I am feeding the critters now.  They are all eating California Natural now.  The cats LOVE it!  Now that is an endorsement!  For wet food, they eat Pinnacle and Daisy eats Avoderm.   We may all the living in the car soon because I went broke buying pet food, but at least everyone will be eating good food.

Thank you to all of you who get Daisy in your thoughts and purrayers!


7 Responses to “Daisy Is Fine….”

  1. Kesey Says:

    We’re very glad that Daisy is feeling better. My kitties are getting a little iffy about their dry food again, so we may try California Natural next. I may try it too since I love the Merrick wet, but am not all that impressed with the dry.

  2. Oh, dats furry good news. Mom switched us to Wellness dry and the gerls won’t eet it. Maybe we’ll try dat California Natural.

  3. kimo & sabi Says:

    California Natural? That sound like something we should eat!

  4. Kaze Says:

    Glad to hear Daisy is better! I too went on one of those vet excursions that seemed to be more for the Lap Lady than me. California Natural is TASTY!!!! Also Innova Evo (made by the same company). We get both of them mixed together. But I get the Herring & Sweetpotato California Natural.

  5. Daisy Says:

    Boy am I glad to hear that Daisy is feeling better!

  6. Jia Says:

    Phew I am so glad Daisy is now feeling better .. That is a relief ..

  7. Dragonheart Says:

    Well, in some ways I think your vet is right. Prior to this recall, the companies had no way of knowing that they should be testing for melamine. I mean, there are so many substances out there that you can’t test for them all! But now they know what to test for, and if anyone isn’t testing for melamine, then they should be blamed!

    I’m glad that Daisy is feeling better. 🙂

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