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Badness, Scrappy, Tucker and Daisy Speak Out

Thursday Thirteen #10 and Back From Hiatus May 24, 2007

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About Us Kitties

  1. Badness is the oldest of us and was the last one of a litter of kittens under a free kittens sign at a grocery store.
  2. Scrappy was born under our grandparents house.  She lived with bunches of aunts and cousins until our Mother brought her home. 
  3. Tucker was officially adopted.  He was an orphan.  He and his sibleys are bottle babies.
  4. Badness’ first name is Thea.
  5. Badness’ likes to lick wet hair
  6. Scrappy likes to let the water from faucet drop on her head and then drink it at the drain.  It tastes better when filtered by cat fur.
  7. Tucker is an enthusiastic digger in the litter box.
  8. Tucker once piddled right in front of the Mother to let her know he wanted his litter box placed back upstairs.
  9. Scrappy doesn’t like Stinky Goodness!
  10. Scrappy had a heart murmur when she was little
  11. Tucker sits in the window sill downstairs waiting for Mother to come home.
  12. Scrappy sits in the window sill upstairs waiting for Mother to come home
  13. Everyone meets Mother at the door when she comes home.

We are back from hiatus. Our great-grandpa died last week.  The funeral was this past weekend in El Paso Tx.  We kitties have been laying around on the beach drinking meowgaritas and the d-o-g stayed with her best friend for two weekends.  We are all trying to get back on schedule now!


6 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen #10 and Back From Hiatus”

  1. Welcome back. Sorry to hear about yoor Great Grampa.

  2. Crews' Views Says:

    Hi everyone…glad you’re back.

  3. Loved the information about you kitties. So glad you are back. So sorry about your Great Grampa. Have a wonderful day.
    Be blessed,
    Samantha & Tigger

  4. Derby Says:

    Welcome back. So sorry to hear about your Great Grandpa.

  5. The M's Says:

    Glad you are back, sorry to hear about your Grandpa.

  6. Karen Jo Says:

    I am glad you are back. I am so sorry about your Great-Grandpa. I enjoyed reading your TT and learning more about you.

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