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Badness, Scrappy, Tucker and Daisy Speak Out


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A grave injustice has occured to one of our fellow cat bloggers.  Rocky at Artsy Catsy has been locked out of his blog!  Our arch-enemy, Blogger, had one of it’s dastardly robots tag Rocky’s blog as a spam blog and locked him out of it!!!  The thought of such power in the hands of Blogger chills us to the bone. 

Some of you may know our past run-in with Blogger.  Blogger, with blood dripping from its fangs, ate a years worth of posts on our old blog during the switch to its new incarnation.  There was no guilt, no remorse, it just wiped the blood from it’s dripping jaws and moved on to it’s next victim.  Oh the felinity!!!

And now we learn that Blogger has gained the power declare an innocent kitty’s blog as spam and block him!!! Oh the felinity! 

But we can still fight! 



3 Responses to “FREE ARTSY CATSY”

  1. Crews' Views Says:

    Everyone’s been trying to help Artsy Catsy. Blogger can be a real pain sometimes, but what can you expect for free?

  2. Daisy Says:

    I sent my e-mail.

    Free Rocky NOW!

  3. Yay, Rocky has been freed. We beat da blogger robot!

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