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A Dancing Horse! June 7, 2007

Filed under: Cats — furrylogic @ 6:35 pm

We didn’t know horses could dance!


7 Responses to “A Dancing Horse!”

  1. The Meezers Says:

    wow! that was really cool!

  2. Wowie Zowie! Dat horse is furry graceful. We can’t effun dance like dat!

  3. Derby Says:

    Yes horsies can dance and mum have furiends who own horsies who dance!

  4. Hendrix Says:

    That is awesome! I think those announcers should get out there and shake their groove things since they know so much. I think any animal that can move like that is very talented. Great post!

  5. Furry Logic Says:

    Isn’t that horsey talented! Wow!!! We still watch it and get chills!

  6. Daisy Says:

    I was just going to watch a couple of minutes, but I got mesmerized by the beautiful horsie. It was very amazing, and I liked the last song the best. That horsie has great rhythm, and I loved how he whipped his pretty tail around to the music too. What fun!

  7. Kaze Says:

    Our horse Snap is starting to do that Dressage stuff. She puts her head down all pretty but she can’t piaff or passage (those are really advanced moves!). Thanks for sharing, the Lap Lady LOVES horses.

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