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Badness, Scrappy, Tucker and Daisy Speak Out

Blush! July 20, 2007

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Ahem…well…uh….we got busted.  We got busted for teleporting into Mother’s work and spending so much time on the internet.  The Bossman got upset.  Sooo….we are going to have to be very sneaky until the Mother coughs up the dough for internet access at home. 


Birdwatching in Portal, AZ July 5, 2007

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My mama and I wented camping again with mine Ga’ama and Ga’ampa last week.  This time we wented to Portal Arizona.  We see’d lots of birdies but they moved so fast we didn’t gets many pictures of them. 

It was HOT! See my pink tongue hangin’ out.


Here is one neat birdie we see’d in camp.  It and all it’s friends came by all the time to eats out of the feeders.  They were very noisy.  Blue Jays.

Here is my friend, Harvey, a baby walking stick.  We hanged out together on my blue chair.

Here is another cool bird we see’d down in Rodeo.  It is a barn owl.  Guess where it was? In an old ‘bandoned cotton gin! 

Here is me being loved on by my great Ga-ama for being a good dog.  I is the favorite great granddog. HEEEEE  :::big doggie smile:::

– Daisy


Secret Paws! July 3, 2007

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Our Secret Paws came last week but we couldn’t post about it cuz the Mother was out of town.  But we can now!

ooooo!  What is this?!  I smell something good!


The Mother LODE of nip!  Now this is the good nip, the black market stuff, you know.  Three bags of the stuff, too!  We got a fevver toy with a bouncy ball at one end. Now that is fun! Scrappy’s favorite, furry mice!  Hot(M)BC, very kindly got our d-o-g a gift.  Daisy loves it, btw!  She says, “Thank you with many kisses.” Then there is the wrapping paper, which every cat knows, is a gift in and of itself!


Here is Tucker gettin’ high on the good stuff.