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Secret Paws! July 3, 2007

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Our Secret Paws came last week but we couldn’t post about it cuz the Mother was out of town.  But we can now!

ooooo!  What is this?!  I smell something good!


The Mother LODE of nip!  Now this is the good nip, the black market stuff, you know.  Three bags of the stuff, too!  We got a fevver toy with a bouncy ball at one end. Now that is fun! Scrappy’s favorite, furry mice!  Hot(M)BC, very kindly got our d-o-g a gift.  Daisy loves it, btw!  She says, “Thank you with many kisses.” Then there is the wrapping paper, which every cat knows, is a gift in and of itself!


Here is Tucker gettin’ high on the good stuff.


8 Responses to “Secret Paws!”

  1. Hahahaa, Tucker reely looks nipped up!

  2. You got some very fantastic presents! Secret Paws is so much fun to play.

  3. Luxor Says:

    That’s so funny – I love that expression on Tucker’s face!

  4. Dragonheart Says:

    That’s a great Secret Paws package! 🙂 That ‘nip looks like top quality stuff! Enjoy. 🙂

  5. The Meezers Says:

    Tucker, that is the bestest pikshur!!!

  6. not the mama Says:

    That picture of Tucker is priceless!
    Yay for your Secret Paws!

  7. Those are some great pictures of your Secret Paws package. We think Tucker loves the nip. Secret Paws rock!!

  8. Tucker – be careful with that stuff! You look ODed…

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