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Looked what came home with the DOG October 28, 2008

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Another DOG!!!

The DOG that came home with the DOG

 Can you believe it!?  Like one isn’t enough! 

 The Mother spent all evening calling people and hanging on to the DOG so he wouldn’t go away.  We wanted him to go away!  The Mother said he was a nice dog and knew how to sit.  So?  We can sit too.  We sit all the time!

Anyways, the Mother called his microchip number.  The AVID people said they would call his people and have his people call our people.  No word yet.  The Mother says his tags are from Los Angeles CA, which is a long ways from here, and thay his people probably didn’t update his information.  That makes her sad.

The Mother didn’t know what to do with the DOG.  He certainly couldn’t come into the house but it was to cold outside for him to stay out there.  In the end, the neighbor’s daughter came and took him home.  She will keep him until his people show up.  If they don’t she is going to keep him.  GOOD.  We don’t want him here.  Neither does our DOG! 

Our DOG was throwing such a fit!!  You should have heard the ruckus!  She made our ears hurt with all her whining, crying and yipping.


2 Responses to “Looked what came home with the DOG”

  1. We love woofies, as long as dey go home after awhile! Zippy sez she wouldn’t mind another little woofie like Teddy but mom sez dat Teddy Dogs are far and few. He was a good dog, even used da kitty litter to do his bizness when it was cold or wet outside. Yeah, dat’s a good dog.

  2. furrylogic Says:

    Wow! That is a GOOD dog! The Mother wishes Daisy would use the litter box too. She has been an ESPECIALLY bad DOG lately. Making messes. So the Mother has banned the DOG from upstairs. No more messes.

    Thank you for visiting our blog!

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