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The DOG has updated her blog November 26, 2008

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The felines in this family are experimenting with different layouts in Blogger.  

And…the sun is out! Now we are warm and content as all felines should be.


Where is the Sun? November 25, 2008

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All of our sunny spots on the bed are cold.  The cat tree in the kitchen is dreary.  Who took our sun!?  Doesn’t the sky know we cats need our sun to be happy and warm.  We need the sun to warm our fur.  We need the sun so we can see mysterious things dancing in its beams.  We need the sun to make our whiskers glisten in its rays.  We need the sun to make our eyes all slitty.

Where is our sun?


What is this cat thinking!? November 18, 2008

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Cat Bite Update November 11, 2008

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The Mother’s hand is all healed up now.  Just two small dots where Avery’s teeth went in.  We have the Mother so well trained she wasn’t even upset about the bite.  She apologized to Avery for not respecting him.  Avery’s Mother was very upset about it.  Since she is our neighbor she didn’t want Avery’s behavior to create bad feelings.  The Mother also felt responsible for what happened.  So in the end, Avery’s Mother paid for half of the hospital bill.  We think that was very NICE of her.  The Mother didn’t feel right asking for more. 

So everything is okay now.  Avery is under a life sentence of house arrest.  No more outside for him.  The Mother said that is better for him anyways.  No one wants him to be run over.  “Better inside and fat, than outside and flat.”


Kitties – beware of how hard you bite! November 8, 2008

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I am not saying we don’t bite.  Sometimes we need to resort to the well applied bite to get our point across. Like “leave my feet alone!”  “if you don’t stop ruffling my tummy fur….”.  However, we can take it too far. 

Did you know that we kitties, and woofies too, have something called Pasteurella  in our mouths.  It is a bacteria that can cause minor infections or major if left untreated.  The Mother found this out the hard way.

This is the Mother's hand after a cat bite

This is the Mother

Our neighbor cat, Avery, who is a stinker, came into our house and tried to fight with us.  The Mother, not using her brain, grabbed him, when he was hissing and spitting.  He got even madder and bit her really hard on the hand.  REALLY hard.  He went through her skin and into the muscles underneath.
The Mother cleaned and washed the bites.  She thought that would be enough.  But then it started to swell around the bite and hurt.  The night this happened she went the the emergency room.  They gave her antiobiotics and sent her home.
By the next night, her hand was swollen up.  The Mother says it looked like a baseball mitt.  It was bright red and the swelling was spreading up her fingers and down her wrist.  Plus, it was ooozing yucky stuff out of the bite. 
She went back to the hospital and she ended up spending 3 days there!!!!  The doctors put her on heavy-duty antiobiotics and wrapped up her arm so the swelling wouldn’t spread.  Fortunately, the infection responded fast which was lucky.  The doctors told our Mother that infections like that in the hand can be very, very dangerous.  It could have resulted in multiple surgeries to clean out the infection and reduced usabilty with her hand.  That scared the Mother.
We kitties would have missed her more but the Grandpa came and took the DOG away sooo…we had a bit of a partay while the DOG was gone.  The DOG spent those days being spoiled by the Grandparents. UGH!
The lesson’s learned:
  • Humans should be more careful when handling mad kitties.
  • We kitties shouldn’t bite so hard.  Bites should be used to make a statement not put in the hospital