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Kitties – beware of how hard you bite! November 8, 2008

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I am not saying we don’t bite.  Sometimes we need to resort to the well applied bite to get our point across. Like “leave my feet alone!”  “if you don’t stop ruffling my tummy fur….”.  However, we can take it too far. 

Did you know that we kitties, and woofies too, have something called Pasteurella  in our mouths.  It is a bacteria that can cause minor infections or major if left untreated.  The Mother found this out the hard way.

This is the Mother's hand after a cat bite

This is the Mother

Our neighbor cat, Avery, who is a stinker, came into our house and tried to fight with us.  The Mother, not using her brain, grabbed him, when he was hissing and spitting.  He got even madder and bit her really hard on the hand.  REALLY hard.  He went through her skin and into the muscles underneath.
The Mother cleaned and washed the bites.  She thought that would be enough.  But then it started to swell around the bite and hurt.  The night this happened she went the the emergency room.  They gave her antiobiotics and sent her home.
By the next night, her hand was swollen up.  The Mother says it looked like a baseball mitt.  It was bright red and the swelling was spreading up her fingers and down her wrist.  Plus, it was ooozing yucky stuff out of the bite. 
She went back to the hospital and she ended up spending 3 days there!!!!  The doctors put her on heavy-duty antiobiotics and wrapped up her arm so the swelling wouldn’t spread.  Fortunately, the infection responded fast which was lucky.  The doctors told our Mother that infections like that in the hand can be very, very dangerous.  It could have resulted in multiple surgeries to clean out the infection and reduced usabilty with her hand.  That scared the Mother.
We kitties would have missed her more but the Grandpa came and took the DOG away sooo…we had a bit of a partay while the DOG was gone.  The DOG spent those days being spoiled by the Grandparents. UGH!
The lesson’s learned:
  • Humans should be more careful when handling mad kitties.
  • We kitties shouldn’t bite so hard.  Bites should be used to make a statement not put in the hospital



Saying HI! October 24, 2008

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We have been on Facebook for a little while now with just a few friends and now all of a sudden we are running into many old friends from the Cat Blogosphere!  How is everyone doing??

Scrappy and I have been very busy.  As all felines know, running a house is hectic work.  It requires lots of naps, treats, and stinky goodness to keep us going.  The Mother has been particulary unmanageable.  She mutters something about working overtime and needing to walk the dog no matter what the weather.  All it means, is we felines are getting the short end of the attention stick!  So we make her pay by barfing loudly under her bed at night.  

The Mother has also been making Tucker wear Soft Paws.  He hates them and pulls them off but the Mother is determined about it.  Scrappy and I take off as soon as the Mother brings out the equipment.  Unfortunately, Scrappy wasn’t fast enough and now she has them too.  The Mother tried me but I showed her who is the real boss in our house.   She doesn’t want to spend another three days in the hospital from a cat bite.  That is another story and another post.  Needless to say, the Mother put me down and said “)*&$#(*!&%(&Q#() cats!”, then gave us all chicken treats.  Badness 1, the Mother 0.

We need to get back to blogging again.  So much is going on in the Cat Blogosphere and we miss being a part of the action! 

Head bonks and kitty kisses to all of you!


Wordless Wednesday December 19, 2007

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Updates!!! December 18, 2007

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It has been along time since we updated our blog!  Wow, weeks and weeks!  We hope everyone is doing well!

First, the bad:

We were all hauled into the V-E-T to be poked and prodded.  It was Tucker’s fault, of course.  He decided he didn’t want to use a litter box that had been used by some else previously and started going OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!  The box just wasn’t clean enough for His Royal Highnessness. 

So the Mother, took him to the vet to see if something was wrong with him.  There wasn’t other than being extremely meticulous about his toilette.  But since the Mother had him at the vet she decided to have him poked and prodded ie vaccinated and microchipped.  The Mother thought it would be a bright idea for all of us felines to be poked. 

She was WRONG, so very very WRONG.

I, Badness, can now proudly say that my file at the V-E-T office has in bold red letters the word AGGRESSIVE written across the front.  Yes, I made the V-E-T feel tremble at the word feline.  Hell hath no fury like a cat poked! 

Scrappy was only slightly less bad than myself.  Needless to say, we cats will be treated with the proper respect in the future.

Yes, we still have a D-O-G.  :::shudders in disgust:::

The Mother makes sure we get some quiet time without the D-O-G just about everyday.  She takes the horrible beast for walks and runs.  Our Mother has developed this strange habit of exerting herself vigorously all up and down the neighborhood.  She RUNS!!!!  Basically embarrassing us cats but as long as the D-O-G is out of our fur, we can cope.

Now, the Good:

Still getting Stinky Goodness every morning.

Lots of good nip.

New feather toys.

New window Perches!

Anything else, Scrappy? No?

We have very boring lives.


Thursday Thirteen #11 May 31, 2007

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Thirteen Reasons Why We Have

Been Lazy Posting on Our Blog

  1. The cool breezes moving through our fur has made it near impossible to leave the windows.

  2. We are busy watching all the birds taking care of their families and/or making new families.

  3. Back to those cool breezes, they make napping even more fun!

  4. Our creative energies are being directed to our new hobby, dust bunny sculpture.  We will post pictures soon! Maybe the Mother just needs to vaccum for often.

  5. Reading Itchmo!  Haven’t they done a great job on keeping us informed about the food recalls?

  6. Along the food recall lines, we have been doing tons of research in to feline and canine diets.  We are even considering going RAW.  The Mother shivers at the thought, but she will do it for us.

  7. Working on our tans.

  8. Catching up on the outside cat gossip.  A new cat moved in.  Very pretty!

  9. We have been watching alot on the Discovery Science channel.  This morning we learned all about earthquakes.  Tucker jumping off the bed registers as a 4.5 on the Richter scale.

  10. We have also been snacking on our Boston fern and then barfing on the rug.  Selecting the right spot to barf requires alot of thought.  Trajectory, placement in the path of travel, liquidity vs. solidity…etc. 

  11. We are also working on convincing our Mother that it is time to buy another sofa.  We scratch on it at every opportunity to show her where it is getting threadbare.  It just isn’t a good scratching surface anymore. 

  12. Our new litter boxes and litter have been taking up quite a bit of time.  We like the Swheat Scoop alot!  We use the box and then scatter the litter like confetti to show how much we love it.

  13. And well…just basically being lazy.  We are cats!!!  What do you expect!?


When Fings Go Boom!!!! February 28, 2007

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I had the mostest horriblest fings happen last night!  Two horrible fings happened.

The first horrible fing was two BIG MONSTERS by the dumpster outside!!!!  They was huge, round black fings with nasty smells!  They nearly gots me when I ran out the gate!  I barked and barked and made my furs stand up on my back.  Then I had tooo GGGRRRRRRR!!!!!  But they wouldn’t leave no matter how chihuahua I got!  They just sat their looking at me like theys wanted to eat me for lunch!

Finally, my mama helped me be brave, though.  She was so BRAVE.  She walked over to them and said,” They are just tires Daisy.”  I had to sniff and sniff them to make sure they was really just tires.  I is still not sure though.  I walked a long ways around them this morning, just in case.

And then later, we went for a treats run to Petco.  My FAVORITE place! My mama puts me in the back seat but I don’t like it much.  I would rather be sitting her in lap when she is driving.  Anyways, on our way to Petco, my favorite  place, she hit something with the back tire (another monster?) and it went BOOOM!!!After it went BOOOM!!!!, it went ppsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss for a while. Mama didn’t hear that part though. When it went BOOOM! I leaped all the way from the backseat into my mama’s lap. There was no way I was staying back there with fings going BOOM!!!!!.

On our ways home, the car went real slow and bumpity, bumpity, bumpity, bump. Mama said we had a flat tire and that wasn’t good. She made me sit in the back seat again, though. I was scared at first but mama made me brave by saying it was okay. I was still a little bit scared, though.

This morning mama didn’t go to work right away. She let me help her fix the tire. And I sitted in the backseat like a brave dog.

– Daisy


Funny Friday February 9, 2007

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Tucker has fun with the crazy circle, why can’t she?